Hotels in-room service

  • Perusing the mini-bar fridge in a hotel can often be a disappointing experience - you open it up and are faced with a limited range of overpriced products which don’t entice you to make a purchase.

  • Things are changing and Artisan Food & Drink Associates have built a strong relationship with one of the biggest in-room service providers in the world to raise the bar on the range & types of products available. Focusing on high-end 4* and 5* hotels we have successfully secured listings with Minibar Inc into thousands of hotel rooms across London.

  • Artisan Food & Drink Associates have helped a number of artisan producers modify and create the correct packaging solution for the in-room application and in doing so have opened up a brand new sales channel to them. The focus has been on premium snacking, ambient confectionery and drinks ranges to fulfil the longer shelf life requirements of this channel and this portfolio is set to be expanded.

  • By being flexible and adapting processes to fit the customer’s needs Artisan Food & Drink Associates have been able to work with their supplier partners to unlock new potential and increase their brand awareness to their target consumers.

"Quality hotels can enhance their guests' in-room experience with quality artisan products from small regional producers using a secure merchandising tray vending system."

Keith Gill